imagiin360 presents a unique experience into the mind of #elPresidente of HeadNOKKA. This series explores both the lyricism in Hip Hop as well as the artistry in music that paints vivid pictures of real life over anthemic instrumentals.

The purpose is to paint a mental picture within two projects in one series.

THE MIXTAPE: The Send Em To Voicemail mixtape is the first part of the series, in conjunction with DJ Fader & DJ Bobby Castro, that dropped on January 31st online. This is the warm up prelude to the upcoming LP that is tentatively scheduled for a late 2017 / early 2018 release.

THE ALBUM: The full length LP will feature original production, key features and a dedication to authentic songwriting. This project is currently completed and in rollout phase.

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#elPresidente, Send Em to Voicemail Mixtape
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